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Sementara stok kosong ya temans…

Guys… ada info neh.
Di bulan Februari ini ada 50 produk yang dinyatakan tidak tersedia. Kalo pun ada, stok nya cuma sedikit. Tapi dont worry, Oriflame punya 600 produk. Cuma 50 produk yang kosong nggak menghalangi untuk tetap ‘jualan’ kann??

Produk Baru Februari
13854 Miss O Club Prive EDT
13659 Diamond Cellular Anti Ageing
14046 winter foot cream
13807 tender care gift set
14614 roll on deo mango yoghurt
14613 roll on deo lime and ginger
14367 vision stardust body gel
14358 vision top coat mascara
14342 GG lip pencil rose
14341 GG Lip pencil brown
14340 GG Lip pencil nude
14263 GG Eye pencil brown
14262 GG Eye pencil Emerald
14261 GG Eye Pencil Black
13864 VV FA Mascara Black
13852 Eclat for Men deo
13793 + 94 M&H GOd Sugar Scrub + Shimmering powder cream
13804 Tender care protetcting hand cream

Produk normal/diskon:

13384 Lift Expert Eye Lids
14386 Eclat Men Shaving
13047 Divine Deodorant
13645 Essential Soap

4930 Evenout SPF 20
10632 m&h nourishing face cream
13789 city oasis edt
12483 ultra rich body milk
10970,69,67,72 Eye intensiity precious green, navy blue, silver prune, intense black
12484 ultra rich body cream
4648 microdermabrassion set
12811,10 ob matte control foundation natural
7119,18 optimals balance cooling scrub+toner
4934 tone tummy
13767 ob matte brush
4935 strecth mark cream
13408 gg body cream
10738 lash booster
2954 vision powder
12862 nail color expert lilac
2314 aquua surge found nat ivory
7201 day shield spf 30
13832 midnight colour candlelight
13890 vv fresh face foundation
5770 lip balm strawberry
2655 gg adaptive
14386 eclat men shaving
4631 cleansing refresher
11101 gentle intimate wash
10861 vision fast furious


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